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If you just want to browse:

If you're just curious, you can browse our database of stolen bikes by clicking here.

If you think you've found one of the stolen bikes listed in our database, you can send the owner an email, and with any luck, there will be a bounty on the bike you found.

You should also read about WatchList, our free, bimontly email list of stolen bikes organized by city, state, and zipcode.

If you're just here to browse, start here

If you have had your bike stolen:

If you are here to register your stolen bike, you can do so here, and even upload a photo for identification purposes. Your bike's photo and specs will then be available in our database and viewable on the web - but not your contact information, unless you want it visible.

You can also - as an added incentive for recovery - offer a bounty for your stolen bike.

If someone thinks they've found your bike, they can alert you via email, or via your contact information, if you have made that available.

Also, if one of our registered users - like a bike shop, dealer, or reseller - runs your stolen bike's serial number, we'll see the 'hit', and put them in touch.

If you are here to register your stolen bike, start here

If you want to run full serial numbers:

If you would like to check a bike's serial number to see if it is stolen, you can do so right over here -- or you can search serial numbers with your cellphone by pointing it to mobile.stolenbicycleregistry.com.

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